Highly breathable technology

Product Features

Highly breathable 

When challenging extreme sports, the sweat on the skin will make you feel very uncomfortable. The garments made of this fabric are very breathable and facilitate perspiration. 


Sweat permeable 

The membrane used by this fabric possesses hundreds of millions of microporous structures. The dimension of such micropores is 900 times of that of water vapor molecules, so that the sweat can be eliminated out of the body easily. 


Provides reliable waterproof protection for long periods of time when challenging extreme weather conditions.


Environmental friendly

Environment-friendly materials are adopted to meet the environmental protection requirement. 



Technological principle 

New-type hydrophobic microporous nano membrane is adopted. This membrane possesses billions of micropores. The dimension of such micropores is 900 times of that of water vapor molecules. Wind cannot flow into it, but sweat can be eliminated easily. Therefore, by combining with it, fabrics will have unique functions like water permeability, moisture/air permeability. In addition to the unique membrane technology, this product also possesses the waterproof function on its surface and has a small surface tension, so that water will form on the fabric surface water droplets that roll down the fabric surface. 

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