Improve people's life and protect the global environment

We are committed to protecting the earth, human and environment well-being and providing environment-friendly and durable products. Sustainable development is a decisive factor of the Company's long-term survival and development.

Sustainable development platform
Sustainable development is the combination of the current development and the future development needs. Development and profits should not be achieved at the cost of future interest. Sustainable development has been recognized internationally. The sustainable development report can provide enterprises with new opportunities and improve the international competitiveness of enterprises. The sustainable development report is a permit of penetrating into the international market.

The core of an enterprise's sustainable development is innovation Therefore, we also put innovation at the top priority. Developing and using cloth featured with longer service life and less environmental pollution is the top priority of innovation. Our core issue is benefits. Benefits not only require institutional guarantees, but also require continuous innovation. Only continuous innovation can guarantee that we achieve sustainable benefits.


Our responsibility

The earth provides us with resources, but also our habitat, and we are committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment, not only for the protection of the earth, but also for our own future. We are actively looking for companies with adequate environmental protection to cooperate and do our best to reduce environmental pollution. Faced with challenges, we should rise to the challenge. Adhere to the optimization of product structure, pay attention to consumers' health, actively respond to the call to protect the environment, and find partners who use international advanced standards and technologies to regulate their production behavior. Speed ​​up the adjustment of our product structure and actively develop products with high added value and less pollution. In the face of international and domestic competition, we still incorporate environmental protection into the decision-making elements of the enterprise. From the development, design of new products, the selection of partners, to the packaging, use and service of final products, we will consider and comply with the environment. Protect the requirements of regulations and standards, and participate in international market competition with high-quality environmentally friendly products. Increase the recycling and comprehensive utilization of pollutants and reduce waste of resources. We actively collect green information, strengthen the collection and analysis of environmental standards and regulations, especially international environmental standards and regulations, and research and formulate countermeasures. Actively change the business concept of the enterprise, design products more from the perspective of consumers' health and safety and the concept of ecological environmental protection, establish green sales channels, implement green marketing concepts, actively participate in various activities related to environmental protection, and establish a green corporate image .

The core of our corporate culture is to be responsible for the society and the environment while improving the product quality.

Prolong the service life of products
Prolonging the service life of products is one indispensable part of our sustainable development program. A longer service life of products can reduce the waste of cloth resources. We actively develop new cloth with a longer service life and try to keep pace with the global sustainable development.


Protect people
We try to protect the safety and well-being of all the colleagues and do our best to expand the well-being to all the stakeholders every day.


Protect the Earth
We have always been committed to reducing our negative impacts on the earth, regional climate, water and other environmental resources.


Extend product life
We keep trying to develop and provide more reliable and durable environment-friendly fabrics and work together with customers to reduce impacts on the environment.


Promote personal well-being
We provide more people with the opportunity of having a better life experience using environment-friendly and durable fabrics.

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