Maintenance and After-Sales Support

Maintenance and After-Sales Support

How to clean and maintain your clothes

  We produce professional fabrics that can meet customers' demands and provide them for our partners, and then our partners provide consumers with the best effect after excellent professional sewing and processing. Accurate and appropriate maintenance can maintain the best function of garments. As garments are maintained better, their performance will last for a longer term, their service life will be prolonged, and consumers will enjoy for a long term the benefits from our technologies. Prolonging the service life of garments will also help consumers reduce individual waste and do less harm to the environment.

INTEX Strictly control the product quality standard for you

The Company has invested in building an independent laboratory, and has been equipped with inspection personnel who have received professional training to strictly follow the customers' test standard. In the meanwhile, the Company has actively cooperated with third parties like SGS ITS BV, China National Textile and Apparel Council, etc. to carry out third-party compliance tests for products, guaranteeing that only products that meet quality requirements are delivered and sold.

Our strict management and control

Tips of Maintenance

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